• Erwin Olaf Ad for Smirnoff - Spider

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    Lenticular image by Erwin Olaf. 3D image with spider moving up when the viewer moves past the image.For a advertisement for Smirnoff Red Vodka. New Wood Frame with LED backlighting.

    Photographer Erwin Olaf
    Born b.1959
    Period 1998
    Title SPIDER
    Dated 1998
    Origin Netherlands -UK
    Medium Lenticular print
    SKU 2261802
    Length 45.5 inches 111.5 cm
    Width 3 inches 7.35 cm
    Height 70.5 inches 172.7 cm
    Diameter 0 inches 0 cm
    Paper Size L 0 inches 0 cm
    Paper Size H 0 inches 0 cm
    Condition Excellent - Vintage
    Leadtime 4 days
    Medium plastic / wood
    Color Multi

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