• Modern Mixed Media on Canvas 'Outside-Inside' by Patricio Rodriguez

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    Large Modern Acrylic & Paper-cut on Canvas by Artist Patricio Rodriguez.
    The Artwork is titled 'Outside-Inside' and dated 2018.
    Signed by Artist on the reverse. 
    Patricio Rodriguez was born in La Havana, Cuba in 1980.
                     Artist statement – Patricio Rodriguez:  
    Without the ability to actualize an idea or concept, art would not exist. My work is a 
    constant search for the best way to interpret the ideas that I have about and the world I live in. 
    Each piece that I create is simultaneously an extension from the past, where I have learned, as 
    well as a preview of the future, where I am going with god a spirit’s permission. Many of the 
    traditional Chinese cut- paper methods can be seen in my work. Also, the engraving is intricate 
    in my way of making art. I was a student of great masters of engraving, and I graduated from this 
    artistic specialty at the San Alejandro Academy in Havana, Cuba where I am originally from.  
        I do not classify myself as a craft artist, as some might think from looking at my work. I 
    use the cut-paper technique with a deep respect towards this millenary heritage, but returning it 
    in a context and in a contemporary proposal. My principal medium is paper and my tools are the 
    blade and time. In addition, I create them a new structure, where the fragility is taken as a 
    The human being and his natural environment, his dreams and hopes as well as, his fears 
    and limitations are recurring themes in my artistic work. The images I cut, are celebration of the 
    hopeful and cheerful aspects of human life. True art embodies the zeitgeist, reflecting the spirit 
    of its time. My art is simultaneously amusing and mysterious, as is the triumph of miracle over misery.

    Dimensions: 47.5 x 1.5 x 71 inches