• Modern Round Wooden White Table Sculpture by Yamil O. Cardenas

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    Modern Wooden White Table Sculpture by Yamil O. Cardenas.
    Different wooden pieces are placed on a round base.
    Interesting from all angle.
    Yamil O. Cardenas was born in Cuba in 1972 and recently moved to Miami in the USA.
    Growing up he was attracted to the works by Frank Kline and tried to emulate them at a young age eventually having a strong influence on his later works.
    In addition the young painter also was influenced by the works of Carmen Herrera and Barnett Newman.
    Never before seen in public in the USA. We are representing a collection of his works here at Galleria d'Epoca exclusively.

    Artist: Yamil O. Cardenas
    Design Period: 2016
    Origin: USA
    Condition: Excellent
    Style: Modern
    Material: Wood
    Color: White
    Height: 5 Inches
    Diameter: 19.25 Inches