• Signed Paporter 20th Century Female Nude Marble Sculpture

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    Original Mid-Century Modern Female Marble Sulpture signed by the Artist Paporter.
    Sculpted out of one piece of Marble and mounted on a green Marble Base.
    The marble has a stunning grain pattern and looks very attractive from any angle.
    Signed Paporter on the bottom of the torso.

    Artist: Paporter
    Design Period: 1970's
    Origin: USA
    Condition: Excellent, Some light scratches are around the head area as shown in the pictures.
    They can be polished to perfection.
    Style: Mid-Century Modern
    SKU: 71818800/800
    Materia: Marble
    Color: Tan / Marble
    Length: 9 Inches
    Width: 6.5 Inches
    Height: 29 Inches

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