• Modern Decorative Bowls White, Silver & Brown in Ceramic Wood & Aluminum - Set 4

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    Set of 4 Decorative Serving Bowls in White, Silver and Brown made out of Ceramic, Wood and Aluminum.
    Makers Mark -Sz- is at the base.
    The Set is a Studiopiece made in America.
    The Set of bowls are in original very good condition and was never used.
    There are some light marks due to the stacking.
    Diameter: Wood Bowl: 5 inches. Alu Bowl: 4 inches. Ceramic small: 4.25 inches.

    Design Period: 1980's
    Condition: Very Good Original condition, never used just some light marks due to the stacking.
    Style: Modern /  Mid-Century Modern
    Material: Ceramic / Wood / Aluminium
    Color: White / Brown / Silver
    Height:  2.75 Inches
    Diameter:  6.13 Inches